I’m Bhabajyoti Kalita

Software Engineer

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About Me

Bringing Ideas to Life in Lines of Code…

A passionate software engineer with nearly 5 years of hands-on experience in shaping digital landscapes. Specializing in React and Redux for front-end magic and Node, Express, and Flask for robust backends.

Beyond websites, I’ve dived into Servicenow, excelling in Asset Management, ITSM, Predictive Intelligence, Virtual Agent, NLP, and GenAI. My passion lies in turning challenges into code and creating tech solutions that resonate.

My Skills

I’m always exploring new horizons and staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Programming Languages

Frameworks & softwares

Servicenow ITSM

Node.js & Express.js
React & Redux
AIOps(Predictive Intelligence & GenAI)
Virtual Agent & NLU
Hardware & Software Asset Management

What I do ?

Welcome to my portfolio – your gateway to a world of seamless digital experiences! 🚀

Servicenow Application Development

🏷️Crafting seamless ServiceNow solutions, I specialize in configuring modules, optimizing ITSM processes, and integrating Predictive Intelligence for enhanced workflows.

🏷️From developing powerful ServiceNow workflows to harnessing the potential of Virtual Agents, I’m dedicated to creating efficient and user-friendly experiences.

🏷️My ServiceNow journey involves shaping GenAI capabilities, ensuring a cohesive blend of automation and intelligence in every application I develop.

Full Stack Development

🏷️As a Full Stack developer, my proficiency extends from creating sleek React-Redux interfaces to architecting robust backends with Node, Express, and Flask for seamless end-to-end application experiences.

🏷️Navigating the full stack terrain, I excel in building responsive front ends with React-Redux, crafting intuitive back-ends using Node.js and Express.

Cloud Infra-Architecture

🏷️Experienced working on multiple cloud platforms includes developing custom ITSM applications in Servicwnow Cloud Platform

🏷️Hosting and maintaining websites on virtual machine instances along with integration of databases.

🏷️ Setting up streaming jobs from DB to Server or vice-versa on Azure and AWS

Get In Touch

Please feel free to contact me in case of any query or questions. I will reply within 24 hours. I can help you with Web App Development, Servicenow Application Development and Opensource Development.


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